Eustis Landfill

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 Eustis Landfill

Eustis Landfill History:

The Eustis Landfill commenced operations in 1947 as a community landfill. In 1976 the landfill was converted under DEP to a Sanitary Landfill.  In 1981 Collier County expanded the foot print of the landfill and reclassified the site as a Class I Landfill. The County-permitted landfill stopped receiving waste in 1987, and was officially closed in 1992 in accordance with Florida Department of Environmental Protection requirements.  The closure permit was renewed in 1998 for long-term care until 2012.  The County is responsible for post-closure monitoring, maintenance, and necessary corrective action.  To mitigate future financial liability, the County is considering reclaiming the landfill in accordance with current industry practices.  The County continues to research grant options to possibly reclaim the landfill and bring it back to its natural state.

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