Naples Recycling Drop-off Center

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   Naples Recycling Center

2640 Corporate Flight Drive (west of Airport Road, north of the Naples Airport)
Tuesday - Saturday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The property where the Naples Recycling Drop-off Center is located was part of the Naples Airport in 1942.  Used by the Army Air Corps, the property served as a base of operation for training gunners, bomber crews, and fighter pilots for combat.  At the end of World War II, the military no longer needed the facility and ownership returned to the city and county in 1947.  The city and county operated the airport jointly until the county sold its interest to the city in 1958.

A landfill was operated on the northern end of the airport from the 1940s until its closure in the early 1970s.  Four acres of the old landfill's 25 acres was converted into a recycling drop-off center, and construction and demolition (C&D) transfer station.  In July 1, 2001, Collier County expanded its solid waste recycling program and included the acceptance of all plastics numbered one through seven, and electronic materials.

The Naples Recycling Drop-off Center is a key component of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy, which provides for increased recycling through maximization of existing assets.

Components of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy include:

  • Source Reduction, Materials Reuse and Recycling
  • Diversion from Landfill/Airspace Preservation
  • Optimizating Existing Assets and Resources
  • Obtaining Addtional Facilities Roundup Event 2

The Naples Recycling Drop-off Center is conveniently located and easily accessible to Collier County residents five days a week. The recycling center  provides daily recycling service to the community and partners with not-for-profit, governmental, and private entities for recycling events, such as the bi-annual Recycling Round-up Event with Operation Medicine Cabinet and the Collier County Sheriff's Office, and partners with Goodwill for on-site recycling events.   


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Today, the Naples Recycling Drop-off Center accepts a variety of recyclable materials and household hazardous waste for collection and disposal. In 2010, the Naples Recycling Drop-off Center serviced 9,877 residential customers, and diverted 3,953 tons of recyclable material, decreasing the amount of material entering the Collier County Landfill and preserving valuable landfill airspace.