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Pollutant Storage Tank - FAQ's

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Q: Where Can I find a cleanup report or compliance inspection report for a facility?

A:  You can review our hardcopy files in our office or visit the online library OCULUS.  To visit our office for a file review, please call 239-252-2508.  It is important to note that some older file may only be present in the hardcopy files.

Q:  Am I required to have an emergency generator at my station so that my station can still fuel vehicles in a power outage?

A:  It is dependent on the number of dispensers at your facility and the location of your facility.  Emergency Power Requirements for Fueling Stations Near Evacuation Routes

Q: Where can I find NFPA 30/30A and the rules 62-761 (underground tanks) 62-761 (aboveground tanks) in the Florida Administrative Codes governing my facility and the related forms such as the Discharge Reporting Form, Incident Notification Form and Registration Form?

A:  Click Forms & Rules Related to Pollutant Storage Tank Regulation  

                 Purchase or View Online NFPA 30/30A

Q:  Can I use any tank, piping or other equipment at my discretion?

A:  Yes and No.  You may choose your equipment at your discretion but it must be listed on the FDEP approved equipment list if it is a 62-761/762 regulated tank. 

Approved Equipment for Regulated Pollutant Storage Tanks 

Q:  How much insurance do I need for my tank or can I use another mechanism for financial responsibility such as self-insurance?

A:  The required amounts of coverage vary with the facility's capacity and whether the tanks are aboveground or underground. 

Insurance, Coverage Requirements, and other Mechanisms of Financial Responsibility for Pollutant Tanks 

Q:  Do I need to treat ethanol fuel differently than non-ethanol fuel.

A:  Yes you do.  

Ethanol Information Resource