Cell Phone Recycling

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Don't Trash or Stash Them - Recycle!

Cell Phone RecyclingOld mobile phones don't just fade away, they retire to drawers and shelves across the country - by some estimates Americans immobilize more than 130 million phones annually. 

Did you know?

Recycling or donating cell phones helps the environment by saving energy and keeping usable materials out of landfills.  Cell phones are made of precious metals, copper, and plastic - all of which require energy to mine and manufacture.

Preparing Cell Phones for Recycling

            • Terminate your service.
            • Clear the phone's memory of stored information.
            • Remove your Sims card

For more information, contact your network provider or cell phone manufacturer.


Donating your cell phones benefits your community.


  • Cell Phones for SoldiersDonating cell phones for soliders turns old cell phones into prepaid calling cards for U.S. Troops.  The phones are sent to ReCellular which pays Cell Phones for Solider enough for each phone to provide an hour of talk time to a solider abroad.


  • Naples Zoo:  According to EPA less than 20% of the nations cell phones are recycled.  The good news, all those phones, batteries, and accessories can be donated to help animals. 



  • Recycling Take Back Programs:  Check with your local cell phone providers and retailers for details.


Helpful Information:

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