Recycling at Events

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 Recycling at Events 2


  • Event organizers must contract with Waste Management Inc., (239) 649-2212, for garbage service if the event is located in Naples, Everglades City, or Marco Island.
  • If your event is located in the Immokalee area you must contract with Choice Environmental Services Inc., (239) 657-2729, for your garbage service.
  • If your event is located in the City of Naples please contact the City of Naples Recycling Coordinator at (239) 213-4700 for additional information.
  • Recycling is a free market, so you may contract with a separate licensed recycling hauler, or self haul your recyclables. Click here for a list of recycling haulers
  • The Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Department has portable recycling containers you may borrow (when available), and staff can provide assistance in setting up the recycling at your temporary event. Call (239) 252-2508 and ask to speak to a Recycling Coordinator.


Collier County Ordinance No. 2009-56: "Any person seeking a permit for a temporary event within Collier County shall complete and submit with their permit application the Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Department's Temporary Event Recycling Plan." Be sure you submit the following with your permit application.

  • Solid Waste Temporary Event Recycling Plan
  • Solid Waste Haulers Contract
  • Recycling Haulers Contract or a Self Hauling Certificate 


Organizers of temporary events must include the following;

  • Include information about recycling in promotional literature, signage, and temporary event announcements.Recycling at Events
  • Have a meeting with recycling staff and volunteers and include the vendors if possible, providing written information on how to recycle at the event.
  • Train event staff, volunteers, and vendor how to recycling at the event.
  • Determine who will provide the recycling containers for both inside and outside the event. 
  • Select a site manager or crew to organize the placement, monitoring, and collection of garbage and recycling at your event.
  • Think about high traffic areas for placement of recycling and trash containers.
  • Provide at least one recyclable materials collection container for each solid waste container placed at the event.  Containers should be placed side by side.
  • Clearly label all solid waste and recycling collection containers.
  • Arrange for the recyclable materials collected to be delivered to a recycling center or similar facility.


  • Have your emcee announce that there are recycling collection containers at your event. 
  • Encourage participation.
  • Ensure enough staff and volunteers are available to keep garbage and recycling from over flowing.
  • Inspect your recycling containers to help prevent contamination.
  • Use proper labeling and site placement to maximize recycling.
  • Promote recycling of clean paper, cardboard, and beverage containers made of plastic, glass, and aluminum.
  • Require vendors to separate cardboard for recycling.
  • County representatives may inspect your temporary event for the purpose of assisting with and verifying recycling efforts. 

AFTER THE EVENTRecycling at Events 1

  • Reduce your waste by reusing or donating leftover items and/or food.
  • Ensure all recyclables are properly recycled.
  • Do not place recyclables in your garbage.
  • Provide a copy of your recycling and garbage collection invoices to Collier County Solid Waste Management Department within 30 days after your event. (Note that you may be cited and possibly fined for not recycling.)

 Helpful Information:

Recycling at Events Brochure

Collier County Recycling Ordinance No. 2009-56

Loaner Container Request Form

Solid Waste Management Department Temporary Event Recycling Plan Form

Temporary Event Recycling Self-Hauling Certificate