Recycling at Home

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You are a partner with the Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Division.  Working together, we can have a significant effect in sustaining the usable life of the Collier County Landfill and protecting the environment.  In FY 2017, the Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Division burried  a total of 107,469 tons of residential solid waste and recycled 237,474 tons of residential recyclable materials generated within the county.  Collier County has one of the highest residenital recycling rates in the state.    

Recycling Is As Easy As 1-2-3.

Recyling Label, collection program 




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Recycling is convenient and easy!  With our single-stream recycling program recyclable materials do not  need to be sorted and they are picked up once a week curbside. Recycling helps reduce the waste stream and the use of the Collier County Landfill.  The demand for raw material decreases as recycling increases. We challenge you to maximize materials for recycling and conserve our natural resources. 

  1. Please remove food residue.
  2. Place recyclables in your cart, loosely without bags.
  3. Place recycling cart at the curb with at least three feet of clearance from other objects anytime after 6:00 P.M. the evening before your scheduled collection day.This will avoid missed service since there is no designated time to any location.

§  Residents in multi-family units should contact their property manager for recycling cart locations.

Helpful Tips: 

Be careful not to overload your cart in excess of your ability to safely maneuver it.  Place recyclables in your cart, always lift the lid from the front.  Do not place hazardous waste such as paint, oil, solvents, acids, gasoline or medical waste in your cart.  Hazardous waste such as these should be taken to one of the recycling centers located within Collier County.

Where to take Plastic Bags?

Where to Drop Bags

When is my collection day?

For your specific recycling collection day, call Customer Service at (239)252-2380. Your recycling collection day is the same day as your yard waste collection day.

What should I do if my recycling is not picked up on my regular collection day, or my cart is broken?

For recycling service or questions, please call Customer Service at (239)252-2380.

Recyclable MaterialsRecycling Cart

The following materials MAY be placed in your recycling cart.

  • Clean newspaper including inserts
  • Classroom and office paper, unwanted mail, catalogs, magazines and phone books
  • Cardboard and packing boxes - (clean and dry) flatten to no larger than 3'x3'
  • Egg cartons and food trays
  • Aluminum and steel/tin food and beverage cans
  • All plastics labeled #1 though #7
  • Clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic grocery bags - or check with your local grocer for plastic bag recycling options

 Common Recycling Mistakes

The following materials MAY NOT be placed in your recycling cart.Recycle at Home Don'tsMaterials Not Recyclable

  1. Yard Waste (Leaves, Grass, Branches, etc.)
  2. Food Waste and Garbage Bages
  3. Styrofoam Peanuts and Blocks  
  4. Dishes
  5. Plastic Toys
  6. Aluminum Foil and Pie Pans 
  7. Plastic Hangers
  8. Rubber Hoses

For recycling service or questions, please call Customer Service at (239) 252-2380. 
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