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Stormwater Management activities include:

  • Basin (watershed) planning in coordination with State and Federal agencies.
  • Capital improvements to the Secondary and Tertiary Drainage System.   
  • Project management for contracted roadway drainage facilities rebuilds and retrofits.  
  • Federal NPDES Phase II MS4 Stormwater Program management.
  • Emergency support prior to and during flood events.
  • Right-of-Way Permitting and Inspection for County roads.
  • Road Maintenance  is responsible for operation and routine maintenance of the existing roadside drainage systems for County roads and the secondary drainage canals.

Road/Stormwater Maint. Call Center Maintenance 239-252-8924
Jerry Kurtz, P.E.  Principal PM Stormwater Management 239-252-5860
Robert Wiley, P.E. Principal PM Stormwater Management 239-252-2322
Gary Putaansuu, P.E. Senior PM Stormwater Management 239-252-5876
Shane Cox, P.E.  Senior PM Stormwater Management 239-252-5792
Liz Gosselin, E.I. Associate PM Stormwater Management 239-252-5867 
Steve Preston, P.G. Senior PM  Pollution Control - NPDES MS4 Program 239-252-5862
Ananta Nath, P.E. Senior PM Stormwater Management 239-252-6048
Richard Orth, P.G. Senior Environmental Specialist Stormwater Management 239-252-5092
Gino Santabarbara Principal Planner Stormwater Management 239-252-2925
Pawel Brzeski Operations Analyst Stormwater Management 239-252-2927
Steve Ritter  Construction Manager Transportation Engineering 239-348-1328 
Mindy Collier Project Manager Stormwater Management 239-252-6139



Updated March 1, 2019