Stormwater Planning

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A County-wide Stormwater Master Plan was prepared in 1988.  The Master Plan reflected a broad watershed planning philosophy, as well as a scope of service for detailed individual basin studies with a multi-disciplinary objective of appropriate land use and natural resource management as well as traditional flood protection.  The Master Plan study was used to develop the Drainage Sub-Element of the County’s Growth Management Plan.

The “Collier County Growth Management Plan," “Drainage/Stormwater Management Sub-Element” was prepared to meet the requirements of Chapter 163, Florida Statutes and Chapter 9J-5, Florida Administrative Code.  The document proposes a plan, through stated goals, objectives, and policies, to unify and implement the County-wide Stormwater Management Plan that provides an acceptable level of service for stormwater controls and environmental management objectives.  Through the Growth Management Plan, both the government leadership and the general public are able to stay informed and provide input in the process of refining or altering program goals.  The goals, policies and objectives of the Growth Management Plan are carried out through the County’s Land Development Code.

In 1996, the Big Cypress Basin Board initiated a follow-up master planning effort called the Big Cypress Basin Watershed Plan.  This Watershed Plan is being developed in cooperation with the City of Naples and Collier County at a much greater level of detail by incorporating detailed surveying, field data measurements, and computer modeling for preparing detailed basin and sub-basin stormwater management/environmental resources studies.  The Watershed Plan is responsive to Florida’s evolved stormwater management philosophy incorporating the water resource needs of both human populations and the existing ecosystem.

Watershed Management Plan  was completed in 2011.

The Comprehensive Watershed Improvement Program (CWIP) Technical Ad Hoc Advisory Committee was created in 2015.

The North Golden Gate Estates Flowway Restoration Study was completed in 2013. 


Golden Gate Watershed Improvement Program (GGWIP)

       Inter-Agency Workshop - September 25, 2014

Updated February 9, 2017