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Issues for Homeowners Associations

A Hidden Cost of Construction
Stormwater InletStorm sewer systems are installed early in a development's evolution. During the construction of homes that follows, the storm sewer system is extremely vulnerable to becoming clogged. Sediment eroding from unprotected lots, cement trucks washing their chutes into inlets, and other construction materials can partially clog storm sewers and make them far less functional in years to come. Once a pipe is partially blocked, other debris entering later is easily trapped and flooding results.

At a future time, the Homeowners of the PUD inherit the responsibility of maintenance and repair of the storm sewer system; an expense that can be avoided. Preventing sediment and debris from entering inlets to storm sewers during construction is essential to avoiding problems later.

If you are a resident in a planned unit development (PUD) where construction is still going on, protect your investment and report conditions that threaten to clog your storm sewer pipes. It is illegal for a builder not to keep sediment and construction debris from leaving his construction site, and for a developer to leave curb inlets unprotected.

The County's site development inspection program includes periodic site visits to insure that construction site codes are being observed, including those that are meant to protect the storm sewer system. Let them know if you observe activities that may be compromising your storm sewer system. Call the Collier Pollution Control at 239-252-2502.

Landscape Maintenance Practises Affect Your Neighborhood Pond
It may seem trivial, but over time, grass clippings and sediment blown into storm inlets and into the pond will degrade the pond health and esthetics, and contribute to eventual larger maintenence costs for the pond. Landscape fertilizer migrating to the pond is very damaging.  "Florida Friendly Landscape" principles utilized in the "Florida Yards & Neighborhood" program will make a pond much easier and less costly to maintain. "Project Greenscape"- certified landscape maintenance companies are trained in Florida Friendly Landscape principles and recognize the connection between the landscape and pond water quality.  Learn more about protecting the health of Your Neighborhood Pond.

Updated July 5, 2017