Traffic Operations

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Our mission is to promote the safety and efficiency of the county’s road network through sound engineering principles and effective maintenance.

Traffic Operations is a part of the Growth Management Department and resides at 2885 Horseshoe Drive South, Naples, Florida 34104.

Contact us:

Signal Cabinet showing phone number to call for malfunctions

Call us:

  • at 239-252-5000 Monday through Friday between 6:30am and 6:00pm for issues regarding traffic signals;
  • at 239-252-8260 Monday through Friday  between 8:00am and 5:00pm for all other issues (i.e. traffic signs, street lighting, markings, etc.).

For emergencies outside of our business hours, please call the Sherriff's office at 239-252-9300.
Email us at  or send us your feedback on non-emergency traffic conditions by filling in the Traffic Signal Feedback form.

You can also call 311-Logo-2017-largeor visit the Collier 311 website.

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Our team consists of:

In-House Design Groupin-house design

The Traffic Operations Design Group (a team of two Professional Engineers and a CAD technician for design) utilizes state of the art software for the development and design of roadway capacity and safety improvement projects:

  • Improvements in intersections,
  • medians,
  • drainage,
  • bike lanes,
  • road shoulders,
  • sidewalks.

Roadway Lighting

Collier County Traffic Operations provides roadway lighting on main arterial roadways to enhance visibility and facilitate pedestrian and vehicular traffic during night time hours.

LED street lights at nightThe LED Roadway Lighting Replacement Program has resulted in 62.4% electrical energy savings and the new luminaires can be monitored and controlled remotely with wireless technology.
In case property owners would like to have street lighting installed or increase the number of street lights in their area, a new lighting district may be created, or an existing lighting district enlarged, by motion and three affirmative votes by the board of county commissioners in a regular or special meeting, or by petition to the board by 50 percent plus one of the parties owning property within the proposed district, or area to be added to an existing district. Please contact us at for more information.


Roadway Signing and Marking

two men installing a stop sign at an intersectionTraffic signing and marking along roadways provide regulation, warning and guidance information for all road users.  It is important that signing and marking convey a clear and concise message for the road user that is easily recognizable and easy to understand.  Collier County Traffic Operations currently maintains approximately 25,000 traffic signs along our roadways.

If you notice a stop sign that is down or red plates missing at the end of a dead end road, please call us at 239-252-5000 during business hours or contact the Sheriff’s office after business hours. Our crews will go out and fix the signs within a two hour timeframe.


man locating fiber cable in front of signal cabinetTraffic Facility Locates

Collier County maintains a “Locates” team to protect our underground traffic facilities, such as

  • fiber optic,
  • power, and
  • signal cables. 

A contractor or a citizen can create a ticket by calling the 811 number of the Sunshine One Call (811) system of Florida or going to their website  Locate tickets are created if we have facilities gridded within the area. Upon receipt of the ticket a locate technician will provide a marking of the area with paint and flags. We mark underground facilities with two different colored paints and flags; red for underground electric and orange for underground fiber optic communication. 


Traffic Management Center (TMC)

The TMC provides continuous monitoring of the traffic signal network Monday through Friday from 6:30 am until 6 pm. The TMC's telephone number is 239-252-5000.

TMC Oct 18Trained traffic technicians can view various video feeds, weather information, signal network information and real time network congestion reports to determine appropriate responses to congestion, weather delays, construction, equipment malfunctions and crashes.

Using traffic management software the TMC can effectively manage over 215 traffic signals throughout the county through a large fiber optic communication network, Ethernet switches, wireless radio transceivers and cellular technologies.  

Take a virtual tour of Collier County's Traffic Management Center (requires Windows Media Player).


Traffic Signals

Traffic Signal Repair Crew working at Airport RoadCollier County Traffic Operations performs inspections and maintenance on its signal systems on a daily basis. This work may include, but is not limited to:

  • maintaining cabinets;
  • installing Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras, detection cameras and radar detection devices;
  • troubleshooting of signal issues; checking/adjusting signal timing and phasing;
  • replacing pedestrian signal heads, traffic signal heads and back-plates;
  • installing new traffic control systems;
  • upgrading existing systems as new technology becomes available.

Collier County adopted a 'Hurricane Hardening' program to upgrade existing span wire supported traffic signals to steel mast arm supported traffic signals. This upgrading, referred to as “hardening”, allows the county to recover more quickly in the case of a storm event.


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Traffic Operations
2885 S. Horseshoe Drive
Naples, FL 34104
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Phone: (239) 252-5000

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Updated: 10/29/2018