Design Project Management

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 Collier Blvd @ Immokalee Rd


The Design Project Management Section of the Transportation Engineering Division is responsible for the delivery of the County’s Transportation Capital Improvement Work Program. These projects include major rehabilitation or construction of roadways and bridges that are funded through gas tax dollars, grants and/or impact fees. The Design Project Management Section manages the design of these improvement projects through contracts with outside consulting firms.

The need for a capital improvement and its funding is identified by the Board of County Commissioners in the “Annual Update and Inventory Report/Capital Improvement Element Schedule.” By Board action, each improvement goes through a planning, design and construction phase. The project managers in the Design Project Management Section are responsible for the design phases of the improvements.

The vision of the Design Project Management Section is to provide infrastructure improvements that will satisfy the needs of the stakeholders in Collier County. The mission is to deliver these capital improvements on time and within budget. In order to accomplish this mission, this section is committed to both the theory and practice of engineering; adherence to current design standards and principles; preservation and protection of the natural resources; enhancement of the health, safety and welfare of the public; treating all customers with fairness, dignity and the utmost respect; and managing public funds so that the finished product for each project is high quality and the best possible value for the money. 


Revised 01-10-18