Road Construction / CEI

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During the construction of improvements to the county’s roadways, intersections and bridges, the Road Construction / Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) team is in place to confirm that construction work is done in conformance with applicable permits, design plans and specifications.

Find details on current construction projects on our Transportation Engineering Projects page (scroll down to the lower part).

Golden Gate BoulevardCEI team members are experienced professionals with construction backgrounds who oversee road construction projects. They are also responsible for administering road construction contracts. The administration of a construction contract includes:

  • reviewing a contractor’s pay requests to affirm that work items presented for payment truly represent the work completed; 
  • issuing work directive changes, which enable a contractor to proceed with work when unanticipated issues force amendments to the contract documents; and 
  • issuing change orders, which are instruments by which the contract documents are amended for such items as changes in the scope of work and time extensions.

Added attention must be given by CEI staff to stringent requirements for administration of projects that receive state or federal funding through grants or other agreements. It is the staff’s responsibility to be thoroughly knowledgeable on the protocol of the governmental agency and the required documentation needed for each project. 


The Construction Team, headed by Director Jay Ahmad, P.E., consists of:  

  • Steve Ritter, Manager - Road Construction
  • John Conti, Senior Field Inspector
  • James Zuver, Senior Field Inspector
  • Shannon Bassett, Senior Field Inspector
  • Christopher Woodrum, Senior Field Inspector
  • Julio Castro, Senior Field Inspector
  • Joseph Coccia, Inspector
  • Robert White, Inspector
  • Wilson Rumberger, Inspector
  • Dennis McCoy, Inspector


Updated:  2-11-2019