Manager's Corner

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Welcome to the Collier County Transportation Planning Web site! It is Collier County's mission "To deliver high quality, best-value, public services, programs and facilities to our residents and visitors."

Our intent for the website is to provide information regarding transportation planning issues, programs and policies. Public engagement is extremely important to the transportation planning process particular in the early stages. We hope this website serves as a means to provide information and improve communications with citizens. As you browse through our web site, please bring to our attention any information that is not available. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you might have which would provide a better source of information to all.

We are committed to providing the citizens of Collier county a safe and functional roadway network.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to become familiar with transportation planning issues and projects. Please check the site periodically for any new updates or items that may have been added.

We hope to continue to exceed your expectations!

Trinity Scott, Manager
Transportation Planning

Updated 8/29/16