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This phase of the Master Mobility Plan has been put on hold.  If the project is resumed, staff and consultants will evaluate each of the policy recommendations supported by the Board of County Commissioners to determine which recommendations will be pursued.  The attached working Draft #1 contains conceptual Growth Management Plan policy and Land Development Code language to implement those recommendations.

This phase of the project was stopped after Draft #1 and Draft #2 were developed.  The following comments were received on the drafts.  Any additional comments received in writing will also be posted to this website (see below). 

 Mail your comments to: Lorraine Lantz, AICP
                                       Transportation Planning
                                       Growth Management Division
                                       2685 S. Horseshoe Drive, Suite 103
                                       Naples, FL 34104

Draft #1 - Conceptual GMP/LDC language

Draft #2 Conceptual GMP/LDC language

Comments from Patricia Spencer on Ph III Draft #1

Comments from Conservancy on PH III Draft #1