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Current Corridor Studies

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 The Collier MPO is in a unique position to create a vision for all of Collier County (including the Cities of Everglades City, Marco Island, Naples and unincorporated Collier County). The MPO’s planning across the jurisdictions helps set the plan for Collier County Transportation Planning. The current studies that Collier County Transportation Planning is starting to embark on were derived from the Collier MPO’s 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan.


Current Corridor Studies 

  • Randall Blvd./Oil Well Road Study Area - the area includes the area between Oil Well and Randall with 8th as the West boundary and Desoto on an angle to Oil Well as the East Boundary (More information of this study will be coming soon).
  • Vanderbilt Beach Road (VBR) Extension Corridor Study – Review of the previous VBR Ext. Corridor Study from Collier Blvd. to 8th Street NE. (More information of this study expected in the Spring of 2017.)
  • CR951 Area Study - to help examine the feasibility and potential impacts of developing improvements to a corridor extending east of CR 951 to Benfield Road and from the Lord’s Way to City Gate Blvd. North and including the parcels of property already owned by Collier County.  Transportation Planning is aware that a number of east-west and north-south corridors have already been considered by the Wilson Blvd. Ext./Benfield Rd. Corridor Study.  This study would update the recommendations of that study to determine the need, feasibility and a preferred alignment for the identified corridor.   (More information of this study expected in the Spring of 2017.)



The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is actively promoting the installation of modern roundabouts throughout the state highway system due to their proven safety and operational benefits. Currently, there are approximately 20 roundabouts operating on the state highway system and over 300 roundabouts on local roads throughout the State. For many people, roundabouts are a new concept. This requires a tailored public involvement approach and a combined education and communications strategy. FDOT designed a website to provide the traveling public, FDOT staff, and consultants with the tools and resources to help them work together and assist with the development of roundabouts. Please use this link for more information on FDOT roundabouts.