Environmental Compliance

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With over 165 years combined wastewater experience, the Environmental Compliance Section ensures that the Wastewater Division maintains 100% compliance with all regulations and requirements, including agencies such as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Health, South Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers. Compliance is accomplished by a variety of programs including:
    • Sampling and Analysis through the Water Reclamation Laboratory 
    • Industrial Pretreatment Program
    • Fats, Oils, and Grease (F.O.G.) Program 
    • Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Guidance 
    • Permit and regulatory review, interpretation and guidance
    • Providing educational opportunities for internal and external customers

Safety is a priority for the Environmental Compliance Section since staff faces daily exposure to wastewater, dangerous chemicals and machinery, driving many miles, environmental hazards, animal and insect bites/stings, strains and pulls from lifting and ergonomic issues. Despite all these hazards, staff has worked over 25 years without a lost time accident due to its robust culture of safety and the practice of “green” chemistry.

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To contact the Environmental Compliance Section directly please call (239) 252-6886.

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