Pretreatment and Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Programs

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Industrial Pretreatment Program:

Collier County's Industrial Pretreatment Program was mandated by FDEP under the wastewater facilities' operating permits. This program’s mission is to reduce the amount of industrial-strength waste coming into the treatment facilities. The reduction of these types of incoming wastes reduces treatment costs and liability while helping to maintain high quality usable effluent, also known as irrigation quality water. The Industrial Pretreatment section regulates all businesses that discharge to Collier County’s wastewater system.

In order to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act and Collier County Ordinance 2012-13, the County Wastewater Division is required to regulate contributors to the wastewater system. This program to monitor non-domestic wastewater discharge is called the Wastewater Industrial Pretreatment Program.

This program is designed to reduce the level of pollutants discharged by industry and other non-domestic wastewater sources into the sanitary sewer system and reduce the amount of pollutants released into the environment. The objectives of the program are to protect Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) from pollutants that may interfere with plant operation; to prevent pollutants that may pass through untreated from being introduced into a POTW; and to improve opportunities for the POTW to reuse generated wastewater and biosolids.

The term "pretreatment" refers to pollutant removal from non-domestic wastewater onsite at the source before discharge to the POTW.  Non-domestic sources discharging wastewater to our POTWs must control their discharges and meet pollutant limits established by the EPA, the State of Florida and Collier County. Limits may be met by the non-domestic source through pollution prevention techniques (product substitution, recycle and reuse materials) or treatment of the wastewater. Nationwide there are more than 1,500 Publicly Owned Treatment Works that are required to implement local pretreatment programs. By reducing the level of pollutants discharged by industry into the Collier County POTW, the program ensures the protection of the environment and safeguards the public investment in our wastewater collection and treatment infrastructures.

Pretreatment (Sewer Use) Ordinance #2012-13 codified into Municode

Local Limits for Industrial Waste Discharge

Pretreatment Short Survey


F.O.G. Program:

This program’s mission is to reduce the amount of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) coming into the sanitary sewers and treatment facilities. The reduction of these types of incoming wastes reduces sewer blockages and overflows, treatment costs, liability and helps maintain high-quality, usable effluent (irrigation quality water). The Industrial Pretreatment section monitors and inspects more than 700 food service establishments that discharge to Collier County’s wastewater system.  It also provides education and outreach to food service establishments by conducting on-site training sessions that include Best Management Practices (BMPs).  Posters and other handouts that include BMPs are available in multiple languages and are suitable for posting in the kitchen areas to help remind employees of proper FOG disposal techniques.

The FOG program also conducts residential outreach to help inform residents and home owner associations (HOA) understand the effects of FOG on drain pipes and lift stations. This program includes educational materials for distribution to residents and PowerPoint presentations during the HOA meetings.

Grease Trap Diagram

Grease Trap Sizing Formula

Utility Deviation Form - Appendices Website for Public Utilities Planning and Project Management Department

Best Management Practices for Restaurant FOG

Residential FOG Flyer

To help protect your pipes and sewer lines, please read HOME COOKED DINNERS

For more information, contact Samuel Jinkins, Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator, (239) 252-6886.

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