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(Folder) Establishment of the Rural Lands Stewardship Area (1999 - 2002)

(Folder) 5-Year Review of the Rural Lands Stewardship Area (2007-2009)

(Folder) Rural Lands Stewardship Designated Sending and Receiving Areas (2002 - present)

 RLSA Terms and Definitions (2002) 

RLSA Land Development Code 4.08.00

Closing the Gaps In Florida Wildlife Habitat Conservation System (1994)

Fragmentation of Pine Flatwood and Marsh Communities Converted for Ranching and Citrus (1997)

How much is enough? (2006)

Eastern Collier Wildlife Movement (2006)

Florida Panther Recovery Plan (2008)

Documents since June 2009 and continuing

Technical Review: Panther Protection Program (2009) 

Memo to BCC from Nancy Linnan (2010)

Non-binding arbitration on simple majority SRA approval (2010)

Conservancy v. USFWS (2012)

FWF v. Collier County (2012)

Collier County RLSA Program Critiques and Recommendations, 1000 Friends of Florida (2013)

Adult Panther Florida Habitat (2015)

Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) (2015)

    HCP area map 

    HCP information sheet

Mapping Florida's Future - Alternative Patterns of Water Use in 2070 (2016)

Panthers v. Collier County (2016)

FL Water 2070 (2016)

Agricultural Growth and Development in FDOT District One and the Impacts to Transportation and Freight Logistics (2017)

USFWS Panther Recovery Implementation Homepage (2018)

Collier County Staff Memo: RLSA Footprint; Concept and History (February 2018)

RLSA Presentation - A Brief Tutorial (February 2018)

Population Estimates - Collier County east of CR 951 (2018)

Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) updated, Stantec (August 2018)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (dEIS), USFWS (October 2018)

Universal Design Features in Houses (January 2019)

Environmental best management practices, web sources from FL state agencies (January 2019)

10 Yr Water Supply Facilities Work Plan190315

Noss Review of Eastern Collier MSHCP.2._final (2019)

SR29 Water Vision Draft (May 2019)

Saltwater Intrusion in the Aquifer (May 2019)

Metro Forecasting Recommendations for commercial (May 2019)

Metro Forecasting Recommendation Collier Ideal Town Size (May 2019)