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Zoning Division Employee List


Growth Management Department Planning & Regulation Contact Information

Below is the contact information for staff's direct numbers. 
If you need immediate assistance , please call 239-252-2400
            to reach our Business Center.

Zoning Division
Michael Bosi, AICP Zoning Division Director 239-252-6819
Camden Smith, MPA  Operation Analyst  239-252-1042
Comprehensive Planning Section
David Weeks, AICP Growth Management Planning Manager 239-252-2306
Corby Schmidt, AICP Principal Planner 239-252-2944
Sue Faulkner Principal Planner 239-252-5715
Marcia Kendall Senior Planner 239-252-2387
Kris VanLengen, AICP Community Planning Manager 239-252-7268
Anita Jenkins, AICP Principal Planner  239-252-8288
Zoning Services Section
Ray Bellows, AICP Zoning Manager 239-252-2463
Nancy Gundlach, AICP, RLA Principal Planner 239-252-2484
John Kelly Senior Planner 239-252-5719
Josephine Medina Planner 239-252-2733
Tim Finn, AICP Principal Planner 239-252-4312
James SaboAICP Principal Planner 239-252-2708
 Gilberto Martinez  Principal Planner  TBD
 Land Development Code Section
 Jeremy Frantz, AICP  LDC Manager  239-252-2305
 Richard Henderlong, AICP  Principal Planner  239-252-2464
 Eric Johnson, AICP, LEED  Principal Planner  239-252-2931
 Ellen Summers, AICP  Senior Planner 239-252-1032



 Last Updated April 27, 2018