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WMP Development Archived Informational Links and Documents

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WMP Development Archived Informational Links and Documents


Final Watershed Management Plans Accepted by BCC 12/13/2011

Executive Summary for 12/13/2011 BCC Meeting

Current Watershed BoundariesWMP CCME Objectives and Polices


USEPA’s Watershed Planning Process
USEPA’s Watershed Academy

USEPA Florida Numeric Nutrient Information

FDEP Numeric Nutrient Information

FDEP "Uses" Classification Page

FDEP State wide Stormwater Treatment Rule

Stormwater Runoff information
Collier County GIS Data
Collier County Stormwater Management

Watershed Management Plan Public Comment Page

Southwest Florida Feasibility Study


Watershed Prioritization

Background Presentation to EAC 9/5/07

Prioritization Discussion (Text)

Prioritization Discussion (Figures)

Presentation to EAC 10/3/07

Prioritization Discussion # 2

Presentation to EAC 11/6/07

Phase 2 Existing Conditions and Plan Development

EAC Presentation 8/4/10 Update and Summary of Existing Conditions (8mb)

EAC Presentation 9/1/10 Performance Measures (For Project Evaluation)

EAC Presentation 10/6/2010 Alternatives (Projects and Regulation)

Public Workshop 11/16/2010 Presentation

Public Workshop 11/16/2010 Summary Minutes

Public Workshop 11/19/2010 Presentation

Public Workshop 11/19/2010 Summary Minutes

Public Workshops 12/17/2010 Presentation

Public Workshop 12/17/2010 Summary Minutes 

Public Workshop 1/20/2011 Summary Minutes


Public Workshop 1/26/2011 Presentation Fertilizer Ordinance - Green Industry discussion

    Public Workshop 1/26/2011 Summary Minutes

DSAC Watershed Subcommittee 2/24/11 Background Presentation (10mb)

    DSAC Watershed Subcommittee Summary Minutes

CCPC March 17, 2011 Up to Slide 58 at meeting (15mb)

DSAC Watershed Subcommittee 3/22/11 Presentation

    DSAC Watershed Subcommittee Summary Minutes

Public Workshop Fertilizer Ordinance 3/28/11 Presentation 

   Public Workshop Fertilizer Ordinance Summary Minutes 

EAC April 13, 2011 

DSAC Subcommittee 4/20/11 

    DSAC Watershed Subcommittee Summary minutes 4/20/11 

CCPC April 21, 2011      

EAC May 4, 2011  

DSAC May 4, 2011  

CCPC 5/5/11  

Watershed Management Plan Scope Development

Public Meeting 1  11/29/07

Public Meeting #2 Jan. 10, 2008

Scope of Work PBS&J Phase 1 Model Development and Background

Scope of Work PBS&J Phase 2 WMP Development


Watershed Management Plan Drafts

Draft 1

Note: The 5/20/11 draft Watershed Management Plan does not include the Regulation section, this will be added soon.  There will also be a companion summary of the supporting technical memos.

Draft 2 6/22/11

Draft 3 8/17/2011

EAC Staff Summary for 9/7/11 Meeting -WMP Recommendations

  • Vol. 1 – Summary of WMP, and Assessment of Existing Conditions (9MB)
  • Vol. 2 – Discussion of Proposed Structural Projects  (Appendices above)
  • Vol. 3 - Discussion of Proposed Policy and Regulatory Initiatives
  • Vol.4 – Compilation of Supporting Technical Memos Part a (18MB)
  • Vol 4 - Part b

Technical Documents

Historical Fresh Water Discharge and Budget

Storm Analysis and Proposed LOS (Large file, 2 smaller files below if link doesn't work)

    Storm Analysis and Proposed LOS Part 1  

    Storm Analysis and Proposed LOS Part 2    

 Instream Water Quality - Focus is on "Impaired" parameters (updated 12/10/10)

Surface Water Pollutant Loading

Ground Water Quality and Loading

 Discharge Water Quality - Focus is on nutrients and bacteria

Receiving Water Quality - Estuarine water quality (Updated 12/13/10)

Functional Assessment - Habitat condition assessment  Updated 12/13/10)

Coastal Habitats - Estuarine Resources

Discharge Water Quantity - Comparison of discharge estimates Updated 4/11/11

Volume and Timing of Fresh Water Discharges

Regulation Review and Alternatives  Updated 4/28/11 (Memo is dated 3/31/2011)

    If downloaded between 4/25 and 4/28 substitute this page 5 change is highlighted

Non-Structural Initiatives 5/27/11 

Non-Structural Initiatives 6/22/11    

Wetland Mitigation within the NGGE Naples Bay watershed 

North Golden Gate Estates TDR Recomendation

 Fertilizer Ordinance Development Related Materials

Fertilizer Ordinance Legislation SB 494 

 Model Fertilizer Ordinance 2009

Model Fertilizer Ordinance 2010

Fl Friendly BMP for Protection of Water Resources

Fl Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook 2009

IFAS Unintended Consequences of Fertilizer Restrictions  Updated

SWFRPC Fertilizer Ordinance Resolution

SWFRPC Fertilizer Ordinance Benefits

SWFRPC FDEP Model Ordinance Comments

Draft Collier Fertilizer Ordinance

Conservancy of Southwest Florida's Proposed Ordinance 

Conservancy of South West Florida Ordinance Support

Fl. Golf Course Superintendents Statement opposing fertilizer blackout period June - September

FDOT Fertilizer Discharge Study Feb 2011

CHNEP Fertilizer Ordinance Effect presentation Feb 2011

SWFRPC Letter Regarging HB 457 & SB 606

Submittals to State Agencies for Review

Request for review of more stingent provisions 

Proposed ordinance with more stringent provisions than Model Ordinance 

Comments From the State Agencies

Fla. Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection

U of F Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

 Collier Proposed Fertilizer Ordinance 3/29/11 

EAC Proposed Fertilizer Draft 4/13/11  

Proposed Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Ordinance for Board Consideration 7/26/2011

Executive Summary Item 8B 7/26/2011

Proposed Collier County Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Ordinance

Ordinance Draft with Strikethrough and Underline changes from 6/14/11 version

Staff Support document

Hushon Support document

Conservancy of SW Fl Support document ( supporting references are not included in link)

FDEP Comment Letter

DACS Comment Letter

IFAS Comment Letter

City of Naples Resolution

SWFRPC Resolution


City of Marco Island Resolution

Summary of Recommendations


Final Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Ordinance

 Adopted Florida Friendly Fertilizer Ordinance Page


 March 7, 2012