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Collier County Florida Friendly Fertilizer Ordinance

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Collier County Florida-Friendly Use of Fertilizer on Urban Landscapes -

Ordinance 11-24 and Video

To reduce the risk of fertilizer runoff contributing to nutrient pollution in county waters the Collier County Florida-Friendly Use of Fertilizer on Urban Landscapes Ordinance was adopted July 26, 2011. The ordinance has the following restrictions:

  • Commercial Applicators must take the Green Industry Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) training;
  • No application during identified storm “Watch” or “Warning” periods or when soils are saturated;
  • No fertilizer within 10 ft of water body or wetland (3 ft with deflector or drop spreader);
  • Do not leave fertilizer, grass clippings, or landscape trimmings on impervious surfaces (asphalt or concrete) or allow to enter stormwater drains or ditches, wetlands, or water;
  • It is recommended that all landscape trimmings be removed within 10 ft of water or wetlands;
  • Follow the product label application rates, the UF/IFAS  recommendations, and Florida Administrative Code 5E-1.003(2), Labeling Requirements for Urban Turf Fertilizers (below);
Annual Fertilization Guidelines for Established Turfgrass Lawns
Nitrogen Recommendations (lbs N per 1000 sq. ft.)
Grass Type Bahiagrass Bermuda Centipede St. Augustine Zoysia
Spring/Summer 2 2 2 2 2
Fall/Winter 1 1 1 1 1
Maximum Annual Pounds 2-4 5-7 2-3 4-6 2.5-4.5

 *Please use calculator at top of page and adjust your Nitrogen as being either 1 or 2 lbs depending upon seasonal recommendation in table.


Commercial and Institutional Applicators

As of January 2014 all commercial applicators must obtain a state fertilizer license, issued by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).  The Green Industry Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) training is a requirement to qualify for state licensure.
The required BMP training can be obtained from:

DIY Recommendations

Healthy plants help prevent erosion and can remove some nutrients from stormwater runoff.  Applying just enough irrigation and fertilizer to maintain healthy active plants is the goal.  Apply fertilizers only when needed and only when the plants are actively growing.  Typical soils in Florida contain adequate phosphorus, don't use fertilizer with phosphorus unless soil testing indicates a deficiency.  The application rates on the bag are maximums, often less will be effective.  Homeowners should use fertilizers with a minimum of 30% of the nitrogen in slow release form.  The Florida Yards and Neighborhood handbook below contains excellent guidance.

Homeowner Resources and Guidance

For general questions on the Collier County Fertilizer Ordinance, please contact Pollution Control:

To report a violation of the Fertilizer Ordinance:

Please note that both the City of Naples and City of Marco Island have fertilizer requirements independent of the County's. Please visit the City of Naples and City of Marco Island websites for city-specific details, or Project Greenscape's Fertilizer and Landscape Maintenance Code Comparison table for a quick reference.

Updated February 15, 2019