Collier County Planning Commission (CCPC)

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General Information




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Public Hearings:
The Collier County Planning Commission (CCPC) meets regularly on the first and third Thursdays of each month to discuss regular business at 9:00 AM in the Board of County Commissioner's Meeting Room, located on the Third Floor of the Administration Building at the Collier County Government Center, 3299 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, Florida.  Please check above for any changes or deviations to this schedule.

From time to time additional and/or evening meetings may be required to comply with State Statutes and County Codes.  These special meetings are typically for LDC or GMP amendments and will be posted on those individual web pages after being publicly advertised.


--The date will appear as a hyperlink upon publication of the meeting's agenda.--

The next regular meeting of the CCPC will be on: 8-20-2020 agenda

There will be a special night CCPC-LDC meeting on: 12-3-2019 agenda

There will be a special CCPC/AUIR night meeting on: 10-21-2019 agenda

The most current signed meeting minutes are those of: 3-5-2020 minutes

Signed minutes from Special Night CCPC-LDC: 12-3-2019 Minutes


Please visit the CCPC's Archive for past meeting Agendas and Minutes.


Collier County's Planning Commissioners:



Planning Commissioner




District 1

Karen Homiak- Vice Chair


4 years 10/01/2022

District 2

Patrick Dearborn 10/25/2016 4 years 10/01/2020

District 3

Karl Fry - Secretary

11/13/2018 4 Years 10/01/2022

District 4

Edwin  Fryer -Chair                      03/28/2017 4 years 10/01/2020

District 5



Paul Shea 04/01/2020 3.5 years 10/01/2023 


Joseph Schmitt 09/13/2016 3 years 10/01/2023

School Board

Thomas Eastman

11/13/2007 4 years 10/01/2023
County Liaison  Ray Bellows      



On July 9, 2013 the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. 2013-50, reducing the membership to 7 voting members, with one member representing each Commission District and two at-large environmental members. The Board of County Commissioners also gave the Planning Commission the power and duty of serving as the County’s Environmental Advisory Council under Ordinance No. 2009-32.